Water Tasting Activity

If you’d like to try your hand at being a water-tasting judge, we invite friends to try this fun family activity. Printable sheets: Word, PDF


  • Norland Pure Enhanced Premium water (bottled or from your dispenser).
  • Tap water
  • 1-2 bottles of another water brand (or as many as you’d like)
    • Bonus – throw in flavored water for a “taste teaser.”
  • Clear cups
  • Marker
  • Paper


1. Steps 1 & 2 should be done away from taste testers to ensure unbiased votes! Start by numbering the clear cups with a marker to match the number of waters you are testing.

2. Fill each cup with your different waters. Don’t forget to write a note to remind yourself which is which!

3. Give your taste testers a piece of paper and writing utensils (or print this sheet: Word, PDF, JPEG

Here’s an example of the chart

  Water #1Water #2Water #3Water #4Water #5
Mouth Feel     

4. Time to vote! Instruct your taste testers to try each water and score them from 1-5, with 5 being the best, based on each category. Read the pro tip next to each category for further instructions.  

Appearance: *Water should be clear

Aroma: *Water should have no smell

Taste: *Water should taste clean

Mouth feel: *Water should feel light

Aftertaste: *Water should leave you thirsty for more

5. Once participants are done, add the totals and reveal the brand name or type of water each taster liked best!

6. Norland Pure is excited to offer a printable Water Taster certificate. Word, PDF, JPEG

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