Norland Pure’s Water…Explained

Premium water, enhanced water, mineral water… the list goes on and on! What does it all mean and what should you choose? We are in a world where everyone loves choices; however, so many options can lead to confusion. Norland Pure wants you to understand just what you’re getting and why our water and water delivery service is the perfect fit for you.

At Norland Pure, we keep it simple and eliminate the guesswork. We currently offer two great water types; Norland Pure steam distilled water and Norland Pure premium enhanced drinking water.

All of our water goes through a five-step steam distillation process, ensuring a quality product virtually free from impurities. You can read all about it right here. After this process is completed, a portion of that water is directly bottled as our steam distilled water. The other portion continues on to be infused with just the right amount of Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium for creating our refreshing Norland Pure premium enhanced drinking water. Our water is bottled in 16.9 oz individual containers, as well as three and five-gallon BPA-free PET bottles for our home and office water cooler systems.

Norland Pure is locally owned and operated, and we pride ourselves on our friendly staff, reliable delivery schedule, and our longtime ties to the community. Our knowledgeable team will help you create the perfect plan for you or your business. With a variety of product sizes available and the ability to fill small and commercial orders, we have you covered. We can even create a custom water bottle label for your business or event.

Our team at Norland pure is confident that you will love our water and our customer service. That is why we offer a risk-free, no-cost two-week trial. To start your free trial, please contact us at 402-474-7873 or visit our Free Trial page to sign up online. Welcome to the Norland Pure Family.

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