Not Your Average Delivery Service

Norland Pure often teams up with businesses in the community to support many events and functions. Additionally, Norland Pure has long supported local nonprofit organizations. Some of which are: Center for People in Need; The People’s City Mission; and the Food Bank of Lincoln.

Throughout the past few years, the company has recognized when a need for water is present and has donated to these causes and reliefs. During the spring months in 2019, flooding affected several states including Nebraska. Because many areas were severely flooded and roads were closed, Norland felt compelled to help. 

Norland Pure prides itself as a part of the Lincoln, NE community. It has been proud to provide water for local events like marathons, walks, festivals, sport outings, and fundraisers. Likewise, Norland Pure has also been thrilled to provide water for personal celebrations like graduations, weddings and, parties of all kind.  

To inquire about ordering Norland Pure water for your next community event, please call us at 402-474-PURE or fill out our contact form. We love to hear about community events, so feel free to drop us a line about what’s going on in the local area too!

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