Nitro Cold Brew Kegerator

Norland Pure nitro cold brew coffee kegerator

BEST WATER = BEST NITRO COLD BREW! Now Available in a 5 Gallon Keg!

Here at Norland Pure, we’ve discovered that good water makes even better coffee. And what’s better than a cup of coffee? How about 5 gallons of coffee? Norland Pure’s Nitro Kegerator is the perfect workplace solution to keep everyone in the office caffeinated and focused all day long.

Our cold brew is made by steeping select Brazilian Arabica roasted coffee beans in a controlled temperature cold water bath for over 18 hours, filtered through a proprietary, commercial-grade coffee filter resulting in cold brew excellence. Once our coffee is brewed, it is packaged into 5 gallon kegs and connected to a kegerator with a nitrogen pump. This is where the magic happens! As you pour a glass, the coffee is pushed through a nitro infuser resulting in a creamy and ultra-smooth coffee with natural sweetness; the perfect flavor to start your day.

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Norland Pure is a Division of Norland International with its worldwide headquarters right here in Lincoln, Nebraska. For the past 29 years, Norland International has helped more than 5,000 entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of starting up their own bottled water, craft beer or cold-brew coffee businesses.

It is because many of our customers have been asking us to provide them with our great-tasting cold brew and our love for coffee that we’ve made a move into the cold brew coffee world ourselves. Over the past five years, we have been experimenting with unique cold brew production techniques. We have developed a method that delivers consistent, repeatable and delicious cold-brew coffee that’s delightful and refreshing.

The Mill, Lincoln’s premier hometown coffee roaster, provides our beans. By teaming up with The Mill, we’ve “cooked up” a satisfying cold brew that isn’t cooked, but cold-brewed for more than 18-hours to produce a rich, robust flavor of coffee perfection!

Our Process

We use a Coffee Brewhouse to combine the coffee beans with water. First, we add a pre-calculated weight of ground coffee beans and slowly add Norland Pure Premium Enhanced Water. As the water level increases, we add more beans to complete the formulation. An operator then slowly agitates the coffee during the 18-hour brewing process. When the process is complete, a uniquely designed, finely slotted stainless steel grate at the bottom of the coffeehouse is used to separate the spent grounds from the liquid coffee. This proprietary “false bottom” allows the product to be strained and pumped from the coffee house into a chilled, holding vessel. To increase product clarity and produce a smooth texture, a secondary 25-micron nylon filter is also used to remove any fine particles from the coffee before entering the holding vessel. The holding vessel keeps the cold brew at near-freezing temperatures to maintain the fresh, clean flavor you’d expect from this hand-crafted brew. The coffee is then delivered to Norland’s Automatic Counter-Pressure Can Filler from the holding vessel. It is canned and then delivered to anxiously awaiting customers around the Capitol city.

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