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           Norland Pure

2001 SW 6th Street

Lincoln, NE  68522

402-474-PURE (7873)


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Looking for an easy way to make sure your family or co-workers get enough clean, refreshing and great tasting water?  At Norland Pure, our three and five gallon-water bottles are designed with built in handles and a spill free cap system for easy installation and replacement. With three or five-gallon water bottle delivery service from Norland Pure you can be sure that you always have clean, refreshing bottled water on hand when you need it!

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Price List

(No Contract / No Delivery Charges)


3-Gallon Enhanced Distilled Water - $4.50 ($1.50 per gallon)

5-Gallon Enhanced Distilled Water - $7.25 ($1.45 per gallon

3-Gallon Distilled Water - $4.50 ($1.50 per gallon)

5-Gallon Distilled Water - $7.25 ($1.45 per gallon)

Case of 24 x 500 ml / 16.9 oz bottles - $7.99

Choice of Distilled or Electrolyte Enhanced Distilled Water


Hot & Cold Water Dispenser - $9.95/month. Our Hot and Cold water dispenser is the most convenient way to prepare the drinks you want! The cold water tap provides chilled water for drinking while the hot water tap provides water for hot drinks. The smooth, classic lines of the water dispensers are a perfect complement to any décor. Best of all, three colors to choose from! Black, Granite, or White.

Cold & Room Temp. Water Dispenser - $7.95/month   Our cold/room temp. water dispenser has the same cold water availability of the hot/cold unit with the other spigot provides a less chilled option.


$5.99/ea. (sleeve of 100 - 7 oz. plastic cups)


*a fully-refundable bottle deposit of $7.00 per bottle is required
*valid credit card required for residential service
* service contract not required