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           Norland Pure

2001 SW 6th Street

Lincoln, NE  68522

402-474-PURE (7873)


Lincoln's Own Bottled Water Company

Home and Office Delivery of 3 and 5-gallon BPA-Free Bottles

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Getting started is as-easy-as

Troy to request a FREE 2-week trial. Troy will ask you a few questions and then will arrange to deliver a dispenser and bottles of fresh, great tasting Norland Pure water.

The great taste of electrolyte enhanced distilled water and the convenience of a hot and cold water dispenser. Use the water for drinking, cooking, coffee, tea, soups and to reconstitute juices. Even pets love the great taste!

The convenient home & office delivery service. Towards the end of your free trial, Troy will contact you to answer any questions you may have and confirm your delivery day going forward.

  Premium Enhanced Drinking Water Offers You:

  • Super Convenient Home & Office Delivery
  • Great Tasting, Premium Drinking Water
    • Electrolyte Enhanced or Pure Distilled Options
  • BPA-Free, chemical-free bottles
    • 3 & 5-Gallon returnable & 500ml/16.9oz single serve cases of 24
  • Hot & Cold Dispensers
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Affordable Month-to-Month Pricing
  • Earth Friendly OXO – Biodegradable Caps



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